Monday, 16 January 2012

Look Post: Pastel Edge

If you all notice, wawa suka pada colour bright or bold colour. That day, Mr.Fand ada cakap, try use pastel colour. I go mix and match collection yang ada and yes it's look great. Nampak soft je. In the hot weather pun nampak cool and so relax. perasan sikit!

Read this! "My love for pastels and neutrals never changed, those romantic colours that just makes me feel special, sweet, and maybe.. uh hm... innocent?" opps.. wawa takde lah perasan banyak and feel macam tu sekali. as long as you comfortable what you wore, ok lah kan. 


What i wore:

Carla Kimono Cardigans from
Maxi Dress from
Electra Grey from fitflops

I used my new camera for those picture (above). I'll review about my new camera soon. Love it. tidur pun dengan new camera.. :) 

Picture bawah ni used Canon IXUS lama. Ada sesiapa ke nak beli or recommend kat sesiapa wanna compact camera. Good condition and price negotiable. PM wawa ok.. 

What the meaning of today's BLAH!?


  1. sweet je wawa, pakai apa kaler pun tetap lawa kalau orgnyaa lawa :)

    tak sabar nk tunggu wawa punya entry pi tgk fashion show tu...jadi ke pergi?

  2. how stunning you're! :) i love the outfits too ^^

  3. alaa suka juga warna ni...soft je kan...

  4. cantik kaler2 cenggini wawa...

  5. Presint 15 nih?

  6. @kak gee: TQ.. oh dah buat entry tu, boleh tengok ye..

  7. @shima: yes.. soft & sweet je kan.. :)

  8. @ina: soft je kan.. next time akan banyak kan lagi koleksi macam ni..

  9. nice color :)