Monday, 9 January 2012

Be Bold with Colours

Before this wawa ada pilih pastel colours.
If you think pastel are too boring, trying experimenting with bright colors. Magenta, turquoise, and red are very beautiful colors but balance is the key or you will look tasteless.

Bold of Colours 

So pretty in this combination.

The more you mix and match and pair unlikely combination, the better! Wawa plan to wear maxi or jumpsuit in black, blazer pink and turquoise scarf? Are you ready with that?

So daring!!! :)


  1. sis, warna2 ni cantik sgt! nk try jugakla. :D

  2. The combination of that pink blazer and the turquoise scarf is a WOW! Cantik sangat.

  3. pernah try sekali...dress pink dgn shawl turqoise....

    bila org tegur..pinknyaa mak ngah....terus tak pakai lg dress tu haha..maybe pi outing je br pakai

    belum berani nk explore kaler sgt, hihi