Sunday, 30 October 2011

In Time Review...

Tengok muka tu dulu apa maknanya tu? Boring? It's complicated? or whatever. Actually itu expression for movie in time tu. Like boring and unhappy kan? Agree?

Bare in mind, ticket ni mr.fand yang belanja, bukan dapat free dari Nuffnang pun. Tak pernah dapat pun ticket free tu. Tambah lagi unhappy.

Sinopsis: In future time, life kita akan stop until 25 years. That mean, after 25 years having to buy or work for time. Fizikal kita akan kekal macam 25 tahun forever. Dalam film ni time is everything instead of money. In this film Will Salas (Justin Timberlake) terpaksa membunuh, dan dia try to figure out a way to bring down 'time' system. Time is money-wealthy to live. While the poor, have to beg, steal hours minute to survive through another day.

Yang part devastated in this movie is when Will Salas steal the time from rich mans Henry Hamilton tapi tak sempat nak give her mom, 50 year old Mother Rachel (Olivia Wilde). Will decides to work to help others and shake up the system. Tapi tak sempat.

For me, this movie reflects very much to the reality, when money takes its place. In the real world now, people see money as important as their lives. Money is important, but how much money is considered 'enough'? Are you living happier with lots of money? Is earning a lot of money really the achievement of life?

Better you all go & see, I will leave you to watch the rest of the story, pendapat wawa, this was actually not such a great film. Macam banyak question mark??? There were lots of plot holes that you could not really explain or list down, but you know they were there. The transformation and the flow of the movie was not quite there. Siapa tanya balik kat mr.Fand what is that?? 

But the goods thing kan, cerita ni lain, selalu kita tengok about money je, now in this movie time is everything!! Oh the rich girls Sylvia (Amanda Seyfried) so cute..

recommended but i give 3/5 stars kot..but the 5 stars to mr.Fand coz belanja wawa.. :)

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  1. teringin nk incik suami tak minat plak Justin timberlake...layan dvd jelah nampaknya nnti