Friday, 8 June 2012

Honda Hybrid- Green Art Project



Today I nak share opposite from fashion or fashion look, it is about Hybrid Car. Ha hebat juga I tau pasal kereta ni. 

When u said about Hybrid Car, apa yang you all akan fikir? Of cos lah kan kereta mesra alam or cars to give something back to nature. Whether  naturally jimat cost, naturally designed or naturallly awesome! Hybrid cars are green and environmentally friendly. So there’s a Honda Hybrid for you.
Honda sangat faham apa yang people perlukan, nowaday dengan harga minyak tinggi, pollution pun semakin parah, with this new invention semua boleh SAVE and SAFE! Matlamat Honda bukan saja nak mencipta kereta yang lebih elok, malah kereta mesra alam paling murah dan mampu milik dengan teknologi terkini. 

So here’s the new HONDA HYBRID CAR family. For those who are naturally driven.
Honda INSIGHT Hybrid, Honda  JAZZ Hybrid, and Honda CR-Z Hybrid. Ha yang part paling best semua dengan harga sangan berpatutan. 

Just think about Honda Hybrid cars quote: 

Who says green can’t be the colour of pasion (JAZZ HYBRID)
Who says you can’t make angry birds happy (CR-Z)
And, Who says you can’t hug the road and the planet at the same time (INSIGHT)
And honestly the answer is ME. :P
For more details about the cars, (For JAZZ Hybrid)


Anyway, some of you might wonder how does Hybrid car works or what is exactly hybrid car? Including me yang not really sure apa itu kereta hybrid. But today jom kita sama-sama share and kita akan tau benefir of Hybrid car. 

Hybrid car means that the car uses two different power source, powered by an engine and electric motor. And the goal for the hybrid engine is to reduce the fuel consumption and to reduce emission.


Now let’s see what are the highlights of insight? Refer to the picture 1, 2, 3 and 4.. 

Basically, a Honda Hybrid car is built to be fuel efficient and environment friendly. Anyway the driver just need to drive like any other car.  Vroom  vroom!

Visit for more info on Honda Hybrid cars.

In conjuction with that, Honda telah buat satu aktiviti out of home which is called Honda Green project yang berada di KLCC tunnel. Leading to KLCC & Concvention Center. Good job HONDA. Make people realize pasal cars-environment issue. Biasanya kita lihat just a normal paint on the wall or mural, but HONDA is supporting local artist and taking a new approach to draw a mural to make the environmentally friendly feel.  So to show you and to make you feel happy and ‘green’. Let’s look at this pictures. I amik this picture from here.

Does this make you feel happy and 'green'? Can you ‘feel’ that?

To feel the Honda Hybrid journey, Please go to here. Honestly I’m addactive to drive Honda hybrid online. Enjoy the journey!

Oh last but not least, with all of the above made clear to me tentang apa itu Hybrids cars, my only dilemma now is: Honda Insight, Honda CR-Z or Honda Jazz Hybrid?

I just made my decision. HONDA Jazz Hybrid is naturally awesome!
I want it!, I felt in love with this car. Please i nak satu, satu je tak banyak.   


  1. i pun nak satu gak! hehehehe

  2. Pergh... skang dah jadi MODEL KETE HYBRID pulak yea... lepas nie sure dapat TEST DRIVE nie