Thursday, 15 March 2012

Pavlova Hunter

Nowadays people talking about pavlova. Including me, apa sebenarnya Pavlova ni? Pav-loh-VUH - ok imagine it, consist base made from meringue (putih telur) crust, topped with whipped cream and fresh mix fruits or kiwis. It is considered a fresh fruit pie dengan meringue crust.  

What u imagining? Sedap? Manis or what?

After i went opening Dian Pelangi Boutique, I with new friends went to alexis, hunting for pavlova. Second time i ate after my mom-in-law give it to me. Pavlova at alexis lagi sedap compared the first try. Tak sweet sangat and slight sourness from the fresh mixed berries. No wonder people suka about pavlova. Sesiapa tak try lagi, should try ok. And full recommended go to alexis at Jalan Telawi, Bangsar or other outles. 

Look at that pavlova mix berries.

Go and hunt your pavlova girls.. :)


  1. dapnyaaa..
    dah lama terliooo
    tak de kesempatan nk pi hunting lg...
    air wawa tu pun nampak tempting je..hehee

  2. pavlova i my fav cant help it!!!

  3. seriously dah jeles tgk entry ni..hihi

  4. adoii,perut yg kenyang kembali berkeroncong..hui2

  5. kak wawa,buat tutorial shawl yg mcm akak pkai ni boleh?heee~~cantik lewr

  6. Wah !Sedapnye. Harus try ni..hehe