Friday, 23 March 2012

A Day with Shima

So blessed, spent time with Shima Wibowo. Real nya she's really kindness, friendly and sangat seronok berbual with her. Alhamdulillah dapat jumpa. Before this we only meet at blog and comment at each other blog. When she PM me at Facebook and told she back to Malaysia and wanna to meet me yaayyy! Seronok..

We meet at Mid Valley since she check-in at Cititel Hotel. We talked so much and Mr.Fand pun join, since dia memang selalu travel to Indonesia. So mostly issue about Indonesia-Malaysia. And for us apa lagi kita orang cerita kalau bukan fashion antara Malaysia-Indonesia. I said Indonesia win and Malaysia fashion sikit back-to-date. You all boleh terima tak?

Thank Shima, please PM me if you balik Malaysia on May. Wish u and your husband had prosperous day ahead. 

I really hope can meet blogger lain one day. Boleh amik gambar and chitchat sampai lebam. :)