Wednesday, 14 March 2012

I Wants!! Celcom LG PRADA

Not the handbag PRADA or the film The Devil Wears PRADA, but its a smartphone LG PRADA. Celcom is the first to bring LG Prada to the Malaysian Shore. Luxurious elegance meets sleek style for perfection. Suddenly i feel wants to change my phone to LG PRADA. :)

Who want to higher performance speed, countless games, applications and more, LG PRADA is for you. If you are one who appreciates technology and the ability to control it, this is for you.

But kenalah ingat if secanggih mana pun your smartphone if takde coverage or network to use, semuanya tak bermakna right? so, here is Celcom with the widest coverage really fulfill your needs because this LG PRADA phone works best on Celcom. I Love Celcom! :)

In conjunction for that you all mesti perlukan package yang paling sesuai untuk pembajetan yourself kan? Celcom know your needs and here is for the Celcom Exec package;

Sangat berbaloi-baloi and this is maybe for businessman or my husband (mr.gadget) this is suitable package for u. Celcom Biz package. 

For more details about the phone and plans, please go to

So affordable, Celcom give the best package for u to choose. Haih, which one I nak pilih ni, because semuanya berbaloi-baloi. If you all dah ada handbag PRADA this is the new piece to your PRADA collection. The devil wears PRADA change to Wawa Tasliman wears PRADA. :)

Oh back to story, Celcom not only that, dengan baik hati Celcom giving u and exclusive PRADA Bluetooth to the 1st 100 people to get this phone from selected Blue Cube outlets. Pergi terjah cepat. All about Celcom and PRADA. :)

Untuk lagi teruja jom kita tengok sendiri LG PRADA ni. Warning you'll be drooling with this picture. Ready?

Is so outstanding and attracted me until I've fallen deeply in LOVE!

 I love the design which is smart looking yet business class design.

Large 4.3" brilliant and bright touch screen with WVGA resolution (800 x 480) that made for better user experience.

So, I can check email, browse internet, read my daily dosage blogs, instant messaging, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Foursquare with the awesome Celcom LG PRADA. Best nya. *day dreaming*

Oh for all Nuffnangers, if you want to get yourself a LG Prada, create your video blog on "Celcom and Prada are the perfect match". Create & upload video to your blog/Youtube. Submit your entry from 3 March - 28 March to Nuffnang via Youtube or Blog URL. Get more people to view your videos and anda akan berpeluang memenangi:

Grand Prize: RM2,500 voucher + PRADA phone
2nd Prize: RM1,500 voucher + PRADA Phone
3rd Prize: RM1,000 voucher

Hurry up guys!!

Model with the PRADA.

Last but not least, Elia and me with the Celcom LG PRADA. Teruja ok!

We extremely excited with LG PRADA. Erin with not-PRADA-handbag.. :)

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