Saturday, 24 March 2012

The Old Blossom Box Store: Pretty In Hijab Class

Before this I always envy with Indonesian hijabers, diaorang ada event Hijabers Community. But last weekend, Jezmine and the scarflets sisters buat satu styling event seem like Hijabers Community did. They called it 'Pretty In Hijab Class'. I'm so honored when Ami ajak join sekali. Thank you Ami. Hopefully next time I boleh join u and The Scarflets girls. :)

Event tu mostly about style knowledge sharing, and Didi ex-intern Jezmine (Old Blossom Box) menunjukkan pelbagai tutorial wear shawl and bawal. She did well and nampak senang je bila dia pakai kan model. Good job Didi.

I'm too shy that time, tak sure why. ok ok lets look at the picture. :)

 Mingle around the OBB store. 
Didi at work..
Oh, wawa ada buat tutorial jugak. As someone requested me to show how I'm wearing my shawl. Oh good! shawl pun sama colour with me. TQ Lina. :)
Can u feel that.. Good event actually. 
 With Shafiqah..
With owner of Old Blossom Box Store. 

Good organized event by Jezmine and Didi. Congrats dear. I hope there will be more events like this next time. Wawa akan pergi punya.. yayyy!!

For more info please visit Jezmine blog.. 

Hati gumbira.. lalala~ 


  1. old blossom box is one of my fav fashion's store :D

    1. Agree.. with reasonable price.. suka sangat.. :)

  2. bestnya event,semua gorgeous..
    teringin pakai shawl jugak

  3. alaa...i missed this event...rugi x dpt join :(

  4. waa,untongnyaa..wat la tutorial kat blog nie pulak akak :)

  5. alaaa tak sempat belajar ur style! nanti kena tunjuk nih hehe

    1. sure.. anything for you... btw you lagi stylish lah ami.. :P

  6. wawa..i pon teringin nak tgk ur totorial..leh u try buat x untuk kami :)