Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Promotion Secret Recipe: Buy 3 FREE 1

What else you all suka except from FREE things kan? How about FREE meals? Oh lagi lah tertarik. On diet ke, dah kenyang ke if FREE food you'll be surrendered sebab it's FREE. So, SECRET RECIPE sangat understanding what we want! 

Sempena 15th anniversary Secret Recipe celebration, if you buy 3 meals you all akan dapat another ONE for free. From any category, cakes, starters, meals, drinks, semua ok. So dah boleh kira-kira now your friend, your family or all your girlfriends yang you all nak ajak for celebration with Secret Recipe later. Oh save the date it's start from 10-25 March 2012. So, sempatlah nak kumpul duit from now. Seringgit seringgit lama-lama jadi gunung.. :)

If tak faham lagi about the concept. Look at this! At the model.. Buy 3 FREE FREE 1.. Mengada, wawa nak interframe jugak.

If you all pergi Restaurant Secret Recipe, you all mesti suka kan. With the cozy restaurant. Oh really like it. No wonder lah Secret Recipe has 120 outlets in Malaysia. Must be one of your favourite restaurant to go. The cakes, and the foods sangat lah awesome. Kena dengan taste kita. Full of taste. Not only western food, the asian food also you can get in the same place. And the price very affordable. If wanita wanita mesti suka dengan air Green Apple Kasturi. Very delectable.

See what we had in the event. Oh before this, kita tengok siapa yang semeja with me. Mr.Fand and Abang Nara

Let's order. Semua sedap. Mana nak makan ni? Semua ok tak? :)

So, we select our stater. That satay so good! 

French fries for Abang Nara. Gebu dan sangat enak.

And spring roll for me. Inti dia sangat sedap. 

The cordon bleu. Lava cheese inside. Yummy..

My fish and chips. Suka tatar sauce tu. slurpp!

What are you waiting for? Jom makan!

Ngap ngap..


Oh before I forget, for all bloggers,  Secret Recipe adakan contest. Just capture your sweet moment at Secret Recipe with your food (promotion for buy 3 FREE 1), then copy the link and tell Secret Recipe thru' email: Expired on 20 March 2012! 

Trylah kot kot berjaya kan. Don't forget to include your details. Name, picture and caption, and your blog link. Senang kan but the prize sangat menarik.

1st prizes - RM300 dining voucher
2nd prizes - RM200 dining voucher
3rd prizes - RM100 dining voucher. 

Shortlisted akan keluar di Secret Recipe Malaysia Facebook. Sambil makan, sambil blog, sambil menang! Tak nak ke? The winner will be announced on 26th March 2012.

Oh Secret Recipe dah booked wawa.. haha bahaya ayat tu.. Look at here..

At the event, ramai bloggers lain, so after makan I mingle around and take pictures. So, take a look..

With Nisa Kay. Looks alike cute-Korean-girl-bertudung. :)

With the cute-glowing Jane

And Pen yang boleh berkata-kata only from Anne.. :)

Abang Nara yang maintain cool..

The nuffies. Happy-go-lucky Farah


The-sweety Thara


All the blogger from Group A. See their faces. Smile and happy with the food.

Including me. Senyum ear to ear. Absolutely Secret Recipe had fantastic and marvelous food.

Happy 15th Anniversary Secret Recipe, I wish all the best and many more successful years to come. Love Secret Recipe.



  1. terus lapar tengok entry ni. Btw suka blouse tu.. cantik ! poplook jugak? ;)