Thursday, 1 March 2012

Nuffnang Birthday Bash!!

Yayyy Nuffnang is 5 years old. I just joined Nuffnang, I'm junior as Nuffnangers. Not more than a year bersama Nuffnang but I had so much fun with Nuffnang. Jumpa bloggers and a lot of event attended and masyuk masyuk.. Kaching! Love Nuffnang.. :)

I attended Nuffnang Birthday Bash at Neverland. Awesome celebration. Nuffnangers gathered and joined together.

Let's picture tell u..

The best wishes for Nuffnang.

Tak dapat pun. Only person yang join the soal-jawab at the event.

Nuffnang Birthday cake and cupcakes.

The bloggers. Alyza  and her sister.

The following picture is snapshot from this video.. Video birthday wishes for Nuffnang. Take a look..

And the-hottest-redmummy. Sayang redmummy so much.. :)

Kak red suka your dress and the combination of that colours. Mahal tau.. agak-agak you all berapa?

Big hug for kak red. 

It was an awesome night. It has been time since I gathered around with everyone and enjoy the night. Happy 5th Birthday Nuffnang!! 


  1. wahhh..bestnye boleh join nuffnang bithday bash :)

  2. Hppy Birthday!!! best event...n paling best dpt borak ngan Redmummy...hehehee...kan wawa kan.. :D

    1. tulah.. jumpa member2 blogger semua.. best! :)

  3. syoknya dpt join event nuffnang. lg2 birthday nuffnang :)

  4. meriah! mmg rugi I tak dtg
    next time hopefully kite smua dpt jumpe

  5. wahhhhhhhhhhhhh SERIOUSLY i've won d invitation but i wat tooo late replying the confirmation. bengong gler kn? sedih sgt coz during that time i was too bz w something else xingt nk check main pon! sedih glerr gler klu x mesti kt da brtemu yarr =(

    1. lah ye ke? it's ok maybe next time dear.. that's y lah, kalau pergi mesti boleh amik picture together.. :)

  6. amboii... banyak dah tips korek dengan kak red yek? ehe...

  7. hi kak! ruginya aritu xbergambar pun dgn akk..

  8. hai hai hai.. saya jiran macho man.. hehehee