Monday, 5 September 2011

In the Making: Badam Rangup

This Badam rangup cookies is a recipe from my mom-in-law. Resipi orang lama biasa sedap kan? So, i try and follow betul resipi yang MIL bagi. Measurement pakai oz. Nasib timbang ada sukatan oz. Using the ingredients similar with Kuih Samprit (my MIL said) but its main ingredient is Badam & Bird’s Tepung Custard. Quite surprised when placing first batch into the oven, cookies expand rapidly. kembang besar and nampak gebu. Sigh! The aroma is simply tantalizing. Wish you were there to smell it too! :)

Bila dah siap, feel excited to give my MIL. tengok apa dia komen. and fortunately she said 'its so delicious and fantastic once take a bite, ask for more. mr. fand also puji, 'great job honey' :)

Ha! Naked cookies.

Hot in the oven!

These simply melt in your mouth!

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