Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Zarith Eleyana - Engagement + Raya

Congratulations Ait. :)

Sudah bergelar tunang orang and i wish you the best with your new status and i pray for the smoothness of overall processes. InshaAllah this coming December will be your big day! Please don't stress with so much preparations matters. As i promised I'll try my best to help you around. Haih! can't wait for your big day nati. Opps! ucu pulak yang excited :)

We grow up together, we share every single things together, we went through a lot together, ait adalah pengapit saya! thanks a lot. She very dependable girl, matured, and she have a brilliant idea and always positive thinker. Kaunselor la katakan. She's simply perfect. Hafiz, you're lucky have ait!

Take a look, her engagement event was perfect, the food, the room, the hantaran (i do, special for ait, will blog it later) was perfect. Ha, people stop saying, yang muka kita orang sama.



I really happy for her and wish both of you happy always. it just the beginning, semoga berbahagia hingga alam perkahwinan and happily ever after. I love you aittt :)


  1. hi..
    sy suka tegok awk pakai shawl w;pn pakai spec..

    buat tutorial mcm ne pakai shawl mcm awk..



  2. hi tasha.. tq for the kind words.. InsyaAllah wawa akan buat tutorial nati ok.. :)