Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Jom Shopping @PrettyChase

Remember this or this?
So, you must remember about this?

Prettychase really understand pasal kita kan. So sempena Mothers' Day, if you have no idea, apa nak bagi sempena untuk menghargai your mom. Prettychase have the answers. Siap ada diskaun lagi. Satu untuk anda, dan satu lagi untuk mama anda. :)

Please use this code to get this promotion. 

Oh good news, this promotion will be on going for this whole week. 
Oh jom shopping with me.

Looks pretty good from

My prettychase item.. <3

For more info, please visit and follow prettychase. :)

See ya! Wanna shopping at :)


  1. waaaaahhh.. cun wooo!! kena tengok harganya

  2. like it! very nice..
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