Friday, 6 April 2012

Pretty from PrettyChase

Yes, wawa tau apa you all fikir.. all the above are some of the super awesome tops! This gorgeous pieces at a very attractive prices. You might surprise yourselves there! First time wawa pergi this website, antara dialog ialah, "i wants this, OMG this so gorgeous, nak this one too". See betapa shopaholics nya saya.

I believe that tops is one fashion item that you can never go without. What's about stripes tops, oh lagi lah cantik. So, wawa dengan berbesar hati nak share dimana wawa selalu beli tops, and please at least get two at girl. 

See below. I had my tops. What are you waiting girls. If nak cantik, pakai dengan jeans, jacket or cardigan and waffaa scarf. Sure cantik.. :)

Look forward to wear it this weekend.. yayyy!!

What's more in store for you? Please check this space;



  1. alahai, kita suka yg colourful mcm ni :)

  2. Assalam... macamana nak beli scarf Waffaa Miss Wawa? Please let me know:)

  3. waaaaa....tak suka tak suka tak suka...wawa mengajar sye bersopin lagi ni....adehh...abis la kopak...hahahahaaaaa...

    anyway, all the tops memang sangat cantik...rasa2nya akan ade yg beli gak ni...hehehehhe... :D

  4. rambang mata teqoih,ni baru tengok kat sini,belum kat website dia g,hehe...cantik!

  5. nice! cantik semuanya!! ><