Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Gila Handphone

Now, I realized why Mr.Fand selalu cakap 'why you so obsess with your phone?' I denied it 'eh no lah'

But, now i tak boleh cakap apa cause ini buktinya! honestly gambar-gambar ni bukan lakonan semula atau budget cun, i didn't realize ada paparazzi take my picture. Somehow bila you tengah asyik with your phone you tak kan realize what's going on around you kan?.

Start here..

 Snap and go tell the world what i am doing and where i am going thru' twitter, facebook, and foursquare. ok apa?


Ok whatever.. 


only makan can keep me off.. 

Ok jangan marah ek sayang. I love you more than my phone! :p

What I wore:

Scarf from WAFFAA scarf in SOFT PEACH (Pastel Collection)
Maxi dress tie dye bought at Bandung
Cardigan from MANGO


  1. same here.. sampai my friend pun bila i tanya what is ur 1st impression about me, katanya gadis yg sentiasa dgn hp. i wud say that my phone 24/7 dkt tgn ;)) hehehe.. technology !

  2. same la kita...tak leh berenggang ngan phone...hehehe

  3. Xde hp patah kaki kan. Saya tido pun hp letak tepi. Mcm org becinta je.

  4. I'm normally in between.Not too obsessed with phone but not not obsessed with phone at all ;-)

    But,when I'm out with my friends or boyfriend or family and we sit together at one table,I'll make it clear that I don't like them to only concentrate with their phones and the conversation goes silent.

    Well,I believe that technologies are very important nowadays,but we also should remember that human connection is powerful than that ;-)

    When we're around human beings,try not to put technologies first,but rather talk,and laugh with them!

  5. Phne itu satu kemestian. Selalu je kawan saya bagitahu saya ni jenis yang cepat reply text. Terus dia buat conclusion selalu pegang phne. Haha :)

  6. biasala pon sesangat obses dgn handphone :P 24-7 nak berkepit aje....:)