Thursday, 16 February 2012

Video 1Malaysia Terlampau

Hihihi sungguh cliche tajuk post kali ni. Memang terlampau terms of Malaysian people awesome! Read this!

I get it from facebook. Actually I'm not a facebook person, but this video really menarik perhatian. Besides that this video make me feel the true 1Malaysia lah! :)

Normally orang Malaysia lebih suka video about something yang bad contoh school bullies, accident or about politics but now totally different.

Let's watch this video!

First minute tengok, I thought it's something was going in the airport but I was wrong.

After watching. Suka, I feel I'm so proud to be Malaysian because the culture and people in Malaysia so awesome. I feel really happy cause this video so 1Malaysia, which is good to show people out there about 1Malaysia. I really think that doing a flashmob in the airport is a brilliant idea.

Ok tengok video tu, my favourite part was on 3.10, that makcik-makcik so kepoh. Paling suka tengok makcik baju merah tu. Oemgee.. lol. This video make me think about glee or high school musical even best dari itu. So cute! The best flashmob in Malaysia. And please do it more often!!

Great job MAS!

What do you think about this video?


  1. ohhh yang nih...bestkan...

    kalau la memang ada jadik macam tuh masa sampai kat airport...

    siap joget2 ...wah super best...siap nyanyi lagu giler kot....

    bila lg nak feeling2 mcm dlm filem hindustan....

    1. kan.. mesti best! semua ada lagu chinese malay hindustan.. ha itu dah terlebih verangan feeling2 movie hindutan plak.. :)