Monday, 13 February 2012

SAMSUNG Galaxy Note. Please come to mama..

Tajuk entry menunjukkan betapa desperate I want SAMSUNG Galaxy Note. Last weekend I was very fortunate to be invited from Nuffnang to explore new gadget from Samsung called Galaxy Note at 1Utama. Thank you Nuffnang.

Samsung has created this gadget that can used in the lifestyle for all. Application for games, design, interface, user friendly so everyone can use it. Oh my goodness bila boleh dapat ni?

Selain itu, with S Pen, you can freely create, store ideas. Everywhere, every time easy like A B C. Best, senang and awesome! Seronok bila I can explore that smartphone time roadshow tu. Anything you can do, sketch, jot down handwritten notes (tulis je atas screen). Haih! susah nak story about my excitement with Galaxy Note. Senang cerita beli je. :)

No wonder lah over a million unit has sold in 2 months. awesome!

During the event,

My new buddies Alyza Fisol a.k.a duta 1Utama.. :)

The Samsung Galaxy Note World Tour. T-shirts with cartoon caricatures yang di lukis dari Galaxy Note. Canggih and awesome!

My new LOVE. Galaxy Note in white colour.

Itchy hands to explore it!

Feeling the Note!

Smartphones with 3.5" screens? Oh that's old news. Now are you ready with 5.3” display? Yes I'm ready.. :)

 Let's see the magic. Capture your photo (gambar sangat clear, tak perlu lagi DSLR)

Jot down your note. 

Ha impressed? Excited? Itchy hands? Nak ke? Mee too! :)

I'm playing angry birds.

Alyza with her works! 

 Ha semua orang di roadshow Samsung meroyan nak Galaxy Note!

Thank You Nuffnang.. Love ya!


  1. wow...duta ou tuuu...hehehe...

    wawa, pe lagi, angkat satu la untuk dri sendiri..hehehe

  2. blogwalking and found out your blog. MashaAllah, your blog and your pictures are gorgeous!
    looking forward another pictures ahead :)

    much love,

  3. Waaa bestnyaaaaaa!teringin gak nak memiliki si note 1 fine day..colour putih sgt awesome! ;)

  4. bertuahnyaa dapat galaxy note! nak jugak :D

  5. @alyza: yup with honor lantik u jadi duta OU.. :)

  6. @hei lyra: TQ dear.. your blog awesome too.. :)

  7. @liyana: yes absolutely awesome.. :)

  8. @lisa: nope, mana dapat lah. just dapat join roadshow from nuffnang je.. :)

  9. sgt awesome kan galaxy note...nk jgk !! ^__^

  10. i think i got the same blazer with u..hehe..suka kumpul blazer jgk it..xx

    1. oh it's from COTTON ON.. banyak colour lain mcm biru hitam. I wanna get hitam pulak after this.. TQ dear..