Thursday, 22 December 2011

Falling In Love With

I had received email from about "MY FAVE blog competition" It's sounds good. Since i love so much about thepoplook's maxi dress collection. I want to join this competition and want to win this amazing personal-style handbook titled “Style Yourself” and a RM300 shopping coupon at! so wow!! :)

Let's go!

What I like about is its straight-forward, clean layout, which makes me easy for shop. Its really hard to find a perfect maxi dress. I love simple and of course the materials must be high quality. Since i know about, I just love the quality and  its really affordable.

My picks! What a great dress! The dress does look good with matching sash, in my opinion. It's the perfect color. I had black, purple and fuchsia. 
Still obsessing - I can't get over this maxi dress by Makes me want to wear it everyday!.  :) Here are the pictures I took of me wearing Ophelia maxi dress.

Ophelia maxi dress - Black

Ophelia maxi dress - Purple

So excited with Ophelia maxi dress - Fuchsia

Actually there is quite a lot my dress from such as Polka Chiffon Maxi Dress, Elera Maxi Dress, Jeweltone Maxi Dress, I really LOVE my collection and I've never been dissapointed even once. Please tell me what is your favorite pieces?

For more pretty pieces, visit..

Online shopping site from Malaysia gaining much popularity! I love how they do free shipping for local deliveries too. Happy shopping girls. :)


  1. Wa
    Lucky you can purchase and bergaya with that maxi dress.. me.. got no size, have written to them for plus size, its their future planning but not now, until that, I makan hati tengok you all selim2 ni beraya olay.. JELEZ mood ON.