Thursday, 29 December 2011

Bandung Escape! - Part 2

Day after that we all plan nak ke Jalan Dago & Pasar Baru for shopping! Wheeee!  

There are almost 50++ factory outlets (NOT shopping malls!) in Jalan Dago alone! Many brands such as Guess, Armani, Gap, Monarchy, LV, Bebe etc etc are available. The real and the not so real are there but the quality is better than Malaysia. Fashion at Indonesia more updated than Malaysia. The price arround IDR150,000- IDR300,000. But in good quality. Hopefully Malaysia jual barang macam tu. Now, kita pergi reject shop pun price RM50++ but quality kurang kan.


Before that, we had our breakfast at the hotel itself.  The food was okay lah. Not really nice. The thing u must have is Extra Hot Sambal Extra Pedas. Actually sos cili extra spicy. Untuk menambah perisa.

 I love the Mango juice. Marvelous.

Heritage one of the famous factory outlet in Jalan Dago (branded apparels..very good quality t-shirts and etc made in Bandung to be export to Europe, USA, Aussie and also for Hard Rock outlets)

So shopping sakan wawa and Mr.Fand at here. 

For lunch, wawa ke restoren Simpang Raya, Jalan Pasteur. Nasi padang. Time ni waiter akan letak bermacam-macam lauk atas meja. So, you all kena pilih mana yang nak makan je. Once, you touch je consider makan dan kena lah bayar.

Best ayam goreng and sambal kentang & fishball.

Lepas makan tu kat jalan besar ada promosi for axisworld kot. Meriah sangat. Ramai cewek-cewek Indon kat situ. One thing, noticeable cewek indon ni body semua slim, petite size, susah nak cari cewek yang gemuk or obesiti. No wonder Malaysia ialah negara pertama di Asia yang obesiti tertinggi. Sebab Malaysian food sedap kot. Malam pukul 2-3am pun still makan. Macam mana tu?

Cardigan: Nichii
Shawl: Nichii
Shoes: Forever 21
Accessories: Forever 21

....... to be continued

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