Thursday, 4 August 2011

Wishlist: Fitflop Sandal

Whew! I wish i have this sandal in my shoe's rack. 

I hate crocs especially on anyone above age of 20. I understand they are super comfortable but they look heinous. Macam nampak pelik lah. cute tapi tak comel. macam mana tu?

Anyway now, fitflop a way better. Nampak sporty-looking sandals, but now fitflops ada jenis yang bling bling dengan sequins. so, takde lah nampak sport sangat and u can use with maxi dress or jeans. yang penting comfortable. teringat masa jalan di Singapore time singaporemoon dulu, tukar 3 pair kasut sebab semua jenis makan kaki. bila ada fitflop i guess akan lebih comfort lagi.

In Malaysia, they are available at Isetan KLCC and Robinson MidValley. Jom nak ajak Mr. Fand. :D

So, what do you think? fitflop or crocs?

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