Thursday, 11 October 2012

Sekitar GLAM Charity Bazaar, Kota Damansara

Past weekend WAFFAA joined bazaar. Ini adalah bazaar pertama we all joined. I was really looking forward to sell to a crowd and meet my costumers. Actually tak banyak preparation yang I buat since collection from WAFFAA as you knew, chiffon scarf je lah kan. But sebab semangat for bazaar ni, we all decided untuk cari another collection which is tie dye and cotton silk. Dua produk baru ni masih belum upload lagi dalam blog WAFFAA. (Oh saya sangat malas!!)

Btw, at the event actually I shared booth with Dayana Idris or boleh tengok her collection at Arayna Suitcase. Since stuff for WAFFAA tak banyak tu yang why not we all joint venture satu booth. Never meet before selalu berhubung melalui blog, and whatsapp but we all trust each other untuk bukak booth sama. Absolutely best lah kan.

So, at the event I met some wonderful people, loads of positive feedback from visitors and other vendors, and I sold some my scarf. Alhamdulillah banyak jugak keuntungan. Kachingg!! $$ hah gitu..


 Here is what my booth looked like:
(Confession: Alas meja my mom)

A close up of the table. Tie-dye collection and cotton silk. Oh, and WAFFAA model.

Boss besar..
Behind me adalah vendor lain with her beautiful stuff

Calculate keuntungan..

With Dayana Idris


With Aida

We are from Putrajaya.. 

Siapa kata government staff tak bergaya..  

I cannot tell you I did GREAT but it was ok. Happy that everything went well, it didn't rain, everyone was very nice and I had a chance to meet some of my pretty customers.

Picture taken by Samsung Notes and filter by instagram. 

Hidaya Shamsuddin


 Fiza and friend
 With Dayana again

Keep support WAFFAA scarf. See you at WAFFAA blog
Love ya!


  1. wahh...nice...suka tgk gambar2 uols..comel2..:)

  2. wawa, berapa harga blazer2 wawa ni? berkenan betul!

  3. Wawa!~ Aida here:) Thanks a lot for uploading those pics:) Nanti nak amek those pics boleh? Hehe