Friday, 12 October 2012

Let's Exchange Link

Salam my readers,

Since ber title mama-to-be ni, memang selalu google any info about pregnancy.. So I want connect with other members who are at the same stage. Gonna to-be-mommy on 2013. Boleh share stories, photos, tips and more about pregnancy. 

Then post your blog link at comment, so other moms can find, visit and exchange with you including me.

Let's exchange link.

So, for the HOT MOMMIES, MOM-TO-BE please share your blog link with me.

Love ya!


  1. sure!!! i pun suke cmni sbb ms mule2 i get pegnen, glabah abes google itu ini, nk info psl pregnancy esp ms 1st tri aritu..hehehe! nnt i share kan ur post ni kat fb i k ;)

    1. oh i dah link your blog di ruangan mama-to-be..
      tu lah kan gelabah cari info.. :)

    2. I xbrp byk info on pregnancy.. Tp klu nak add link pon blehh.. Ahakss..

    3. hey, hi wawa, i just change my blog address to :) azam baru utk mommy baru! *wink*

  2. hi wawa!! june here.
    im not mama2be la, im a klu u nk some info blh tgk cni ;) may it help ;D

    kot lepas ni nk bf baby pulak ke kan.hihih...
    n lg 1 dulu mse i tunang i order CC dgn u tau.huhuh..baru tau recently ble tgk watsapp list ttb ada gmbr u. kecik sgt rasa dunia ni.

    oppss!pjg pulak komen ;p

    congrat wawa!!

  3. Congrats wawa.. So happy for u.. My blohg tak focus sgt on my pregnancy.. Tp klu nak link pon blehh.. Hehe

  4. Congrats! welcome to mommies' world. i dah lepas bab2 preggy ni tapi bleh lah juga share2 tips, eksperien2 esp time nak deliver.. feel free to visit me.

  5. Not mom to be, but mother of two...jom jenguk baca my blog yg xseberapa shara pregnancy, baby nih...(and also dua kali bersalin fpp)